Polytechnic School - UAH - Introduction

Since it was founded almost 50 years ago, the Polytechnic School has gone through several stages of existence, which have contributed to creating a centre that is characterised by civic coexistence, academic quality, the proximity of its teaching and administration staff, continuously refurbished modern facilities, excellent research, and collaboration with the business world. All this has led to the qualifications issued by this centre reaching the highest positions in various quality rankings.

This website acts as a welcome point to this centre, in which we hope you will find the information necessary to decide which course is the most motivating for you, if you are thinking of coming to study here, and everything you may require for your work and progress in your studies, if you are already a student.

We would like to welcome you on behalf of all those who strive every day to make this Polytechnic School a centre of academic and research excellence.

At this Polytechnic School, you can study a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master's Degree or a Doctorate course, in the branches of Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering. This is a university centre with extensive tradition and quality in the field of new technologies, recognised by both Spanish and international institutions. Its human and material resources provide a range of high quality training, oriented towards the increasingly demanding labour market.

Among other advantages, the Polytechnic School of the University of Alcalá offers the following:

  • The opportunity to complete your degree and master's degree studies in Telecommunications Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering at the same centre.
  • Bilingual teaching in a majority of degrees (optional).
  • International agreements with some of the best universities in the world.
  • External practicums, facilitated by agreements with more than 300 companies.

Polytechnic School